It is impossible to speak of Pisa without referring to its characteristic leaning tower. But this incredible bell tower is just one of the beautiful monuments that this city of Tuscany can offer to you.

Exactly in the same place where the Tower is located, you can find the main monuments of Pisa that is the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Campo Santo. All these monuments are located within the famous Campo dei Miracoli!

But Pisa has some other artistic wonders that make it one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.


Ravenna is an incredible city that preserves numerous ancient art treasures. It is unfortunately unknown and obscured by the most famous Italian cities of art. It was the capital 3 times and for 3 different very important empires: the Western Roman Empire, Theodoric King of the Goths and the Byzantine Empire in Europe.

Thanks to its strategic position, Ravenna became a thriving center of religious and cultural exchanges, a crossroads of artists between East and West.

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