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What to see in Pisa: discovering the unknown places in the city

It is impossible to speak of Pisa without referring to its characteristic leaning tower. But this incredible bell tower is just one of the beautiful monuments that this city of Tuscany can offer to you.

Exactly in the same place where the Tower is located, you can find the main monuments of Pisa that is the Cathedral, the Baptistery and the Campo Santo. All these monuments are located within the famous Campo dei Miracoli!

But Pisa has some other artistic wonders that make it one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.


What to do and see in Ravenna: why is this city so famous for its mosaics?

Ravenna is an incredible city that preserves numerous ancient art treasures. It is unfortunately unknown and obscured by the most famous Italian cities of art. It was the capital 3 times and for 3 different very important empires: the Western Roman Empire, Theodoric King of the Goths and the Byzantine Empire in Europe.

Thanks to its strategic position, Ravenna became a thriving center of religious and cultural exchanges, a crossroads of artists between East and West.

cattedrale di reims da lontano

Tour in the champagne region: what to see in Reims in one day

Would you like to take a tour of the Champagne region but you do not know what to visit? I advise you to spend at least half a day in Reims and to taste champagne walking through its inner streets.

But Reims is not just the “capital” of champagne!

Are you curious to find out more about this French city?

Cosa visitare a bruxelles atomium

What to visit in Brussels: one of the most important cities in Europe

Visiting Brussels is an experience to be done at least once in life: it is a lively metropolis with many different facets. It hosts students from all over the world and street performers that surprise at every corner.

In its small historical center, between music and beautiful murals, it is impossible to get bored.

Cosa vedere e cosa fare a Bruges

What to see in Bruges: a city full of history, art and beautiful views

Are you going to Belgium and would you like to know which are the most beautiful cities to visit? Surely you can not miss the charming city of Bruges.

I recommend some things to do and see in Bruges, the result of my experience. Are you anxious to find out more in detail?


What to do and see in Otranto during your holiday in Salento

The sea in Otranto, or near Otranto, is truly spectacular. Some very popular tourist destinations are part of the municipal territory. If you are thinking of spending your holidays in Salento, I recommend taking a dip in Porto Badisco, Fontanelle, Serra Alimini, Frassanito or Conca Specchiulla.

I’ve been there and the sea has left me speechless!

Cosa vedere a Pistoia

What to see in Pistoia in one day, the Italian capital of culture 2017

If you are thinking of visiting Pistoia but you do not know where to start you are in the right place!

I visited Pistoia during a weekend where I had the chance to visit both Pisa and Lucca. There were some things that I really liked very much even if I could visit this city just for half a day.


Visit Lisbon: 8 things to do absolutely in the capital of Portugal

If you want to visit Lisbon, you can’t absolutely miss these attractions! Here are 8 things to do in the Portuguese capital that I tried personally

I will tell you what to see, to do and to taste in the wonderful capital of Portugal and some tip that was useful to me.