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Below is a list of some organizations or companies we have recently worked with. Arttrip has also been selected among the best travel blogs in the culture sections of Hostelworld and TBDI.

If you want to work with us to promote a territory or to invite us to an event, you can use the form below, or send us an email to arttrip@arttrip.it.

How we can work together

If you like how we tell about our travels or our work on social networks, below you will find all the activities we do, with the data and information that you might find useful.


We can take part in trips or blog tours with the aim of promoting a territory and its artistic and natural beauties through articles, photos and videos.

Content writing

Writing of articles written for indexing on search engines to be published on our blog or in magazines, magazines or newspapers with insertion of original images.


We can insert advertisers or links that are in line with the topics covered in our blog or that sponsor products tested and approved by us.


We can work on sponsored web marketing campaigns on the main social networks, on our pages and / or customer channels.

Web Marketing

Management of facebook pages, instagram or of the main social networks for the realization of an editorial calendar and original contents based on needs.

Our numbers

Arttrip is a travel blog created in 2012 based on art. Arttrip has grown with us: from the second year of university to graduation, from the first work experience to international removals. After a period of pause, in recent years it has seen continuous organic growth both on search engines and on social networks. The articles are written in SEO key to facilitate indexing and this has helped us to triple our readers in 2019. We publish at least one new article a week and we want to keep the quality of what you read high.
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What we don't do

Publish unverified articles

We want to give only real information, so we do not publish articles about places where we have been or about people who have not lived the experiences described in first person.

False review

We do not promote products or services whose real value we do not know and which we have not personally tested. If the post was sponsored, you will find it written.

Invasive Ads

We want to keep the site as clean as possible. For this reason we do not accept banners or popups that are too invasive that could annoy the reading of the posts.

Active collaborations

Experiential activities

Within our articles there are some links of some selected partners that provide activities in the cities we have visited. I you make a reservation from those links, the price for you remains the same, but we earn a small commission that helps us keep this project alive.

Booking hotel

In some articles you may find our selection of hotels for the destination you are reading. It is an affiliation program of booking.com. For you it costs nothing more, but booking recognizes a small percentage that helps us keep this project alive.