What is ArtTrip

Arttrip is a travel blog related to the art world. It was born in 2012 thanks to Elisa’s passion, with the aim of spreading art in a simple way, for everyone.

On the blog you will find different sections with in-depth information on the artists and their most beautiful and interesting works, mini guides on the cities of art, insights on museums and our travel diaries with the most strange experiences that have happened to us.

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Hi, my name is Elisa, I am a historian of medieval art and. I love traveling, I have a nomadic spirit, that’s why I love discovering new places, writing and living new experiences! I was born and grew up in Rome, but I live in Paris and my plan is to go wherever life and work will take me.

I started writing Arttrip in 2012 with the aim of spreading art through my passion for travel, using simple language that everyone could undestand. I am convinced that art belongs to all of us and I would like to help those who are not experts in understanding how much beauty we have around us.

2016 was one of the hardest years of my life, I had to face some very difficult life experiences and I was even very close to close this blog. I stopped writing for several months but then I found the strength to start from where I left off.

It was not easy and it took sleepless nights and weekends on the PC. I had to learn a lot of things that I didn’t know but, in the end, results arrived.

I’m trying to transform the things that I love in my job: I wrote a book that you can find here, and a second is in publication, I collaborated with newspapers for which I edited the category of art and architecture, I continue to study everything that interests me and travel the world.

I think each of us should at least try to achieve our ambitions. As impossible as they seem, with perseverance and hard work, we can achieve any result.


Hi, I’m Andrea, I have a degree in Computer Engineering and a real passion for web marketing and copywriting. Several years ago I started creating blogs and facebook pages as a hobby, turning this passion into a real job.

I worked for 2 years in Paris as a developer of Android applications, but I didn’t like what I was doing. My passion for web marketing and SEO helped me to put myself in a completely different domain, and finally today I do a job that I love.

What bout travel?

Well, I’ve never really been a traveler. I have never really loved getting away from home or learning foreign languages ​​or tasting new dishes.

I really started traveling since I met Elisa. Our first trip together was in Vienna in 2010 and I must admit that since then I can no longer stay in a place for more than 2 years.

Ah, I am dyslexic. So it could happen that you find typos on the blog, unless Elisa went on to correct.

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