Here I am

Hi, my name is Elisa, I am 29 years-old and I love discovering new places, traveling, writing and living new experiences!

I was born and raised in Rome, I lived in Paris for two years and my plan is to go anywhere my life and work will bring me. I graduated in art history, first at Sapienza university for the bachelor degree and then at the Sorbonne for the master degree. I also attended a specialisation course and I think I will never get tired of studying this subject!

I am trying to dedicate my life doing what I love: I published a book that you can find here, I wrote for a newspaper about art and architecture, and I’m courrently writing a new novel. After a 1 year internship at the museum of Galleria Borghese in Rome, I’m now working as assistant in the fine art museum of Caen, Normandy, nothern France.

Since 2016, together with my partner, I am co-founder of Cibamus, a start-up linked to food and catering that has been pre-incubated at the Business Innovation Center of the Lazio region. I deal with social media, post editing and some video recipes..

I’ve been writing Arttrip since 2012 and the blog has grown with me over time. I believe in the diffusion of culture and information sharing. I want to clarify that I was in first person in all the places I speak of, in fact I want to give you first-hand information.


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