10 things to do for an international travel

Are you thinking to travel to another country but you don’t know how to make an international move.

In this post I’ll tell you some tricksthat I’m using to bring with me all the objects of my life.

1 – How to select objects in a suitcase

I learned that many items I have at home are completely useless during a travel and, in the destination city, I will not need them.

Notebooks, ornaments, boxes, books, are all things not easy to carry because, added together, take up a lot of space. I realized it during my first move Italy-France and I will no longer commit the mistake of buying useless items … I hope.

Then, there are essential products such as bath-foam type baths, shampoos, etc. These are the things you do not need to pack, because you can buy them directly at your destination (unless you are moving to a desert island).

Of course, fill your suitcase with only clothes suited to the climate of the place. When you go for long periods in another country you have to leave something behind, throw something else and, even if it will seem terrible at first, you will see that you will feel a lot lighter.

2 – Important document

Important documents, various paperwork, but also books and diaries, not everything can be taken away. My advice is to scans all that you need, such as diplomas, bills, certificates that could serve you for a new job, an enrollment etc ..

Logically, if there are sensitive data, for security reasons it is better to keep the scans in a CD, a flash drive or another mobile device.

3 – Clothes

The clothes, especially for women, will always be too many and will never fit in your suitcase.

The solution I found is the vacuum bags: you che put inside the half of the wardrobe, close well and suck the air away, then pack everything in the suitcase and you’re done, in little space you will have put all your clothes.

The cons are that the baggage will weigh a ton.

4 – The books

Unfortunately you can not bring many books during a travel. Consider the possibility of selling them, giving them away to friends or lending them.

For example, books of recipes will certainly be useful to some cousin or relative, the novels you liked so much will surely please some friend, and receiving a book is always a pleasure especially when used and marked by a person we know.

It will be necessary, however, to make a careful selection or buy an e-book to avoid having to relive harrowing separations in the future.

5 – The boxes

If you really have things that you need bring with you, think about sending a package to your destination or send it to you once you arrive.

Check the prices of the various shipping companies, calculating that the price usually varies according to weight and not just the size. Try to send light things, like shoes or bloathes, maybe even vacuum-packed.

trasloco internazionale

6 – Organization

During a move it is easy to lose tsomethings.

Make a selection of the documents you need and the essential items a few days before leaving, put them on an open plane so you can still use them but not forget them and do not throw them haphazardly in some boxes.

I advise you to keep all the documents in a folder to keep strictly at hand during the trip.

7 – Valuables objects

This applies to any trip, but repetita iuvant: valuables should never be embarked but always carried in hand baggage. Always with you, even in the airport bathroom, and always with important documents in the folder above.

8 – Don’t panic

The move is already stressful in itself.

Here, do not be overwhelmed, be rational and organized. Make some lists, attach them somewhere in sight, lists of things to do before you leave and priorities once you arrive, things not to forget and where you left the box that sooner or later will serve you.

Write down what was in what box you left in your grandmother’s house, what was in what envelope you left at your friend’s house, surely it will be very useful when you have to search for that particular item in two or two months .

Leave the important documents (yes, those you have scanned) to someone who, in case of necessity of the original, can send them to you. Act with order and take at least four or five days to organize.

Everything will be fine!



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